We Noramix Group is one of the largest manufacturers & exporters of coir products from Sri Lanka. The company has gained goodwill and a credible position in the International Market. Coming from the coconut triangle of Sri Lanka , the company has always been a part of eco-friendly product manufacturing in the country.

The company grew steadily over the years, to become a major name in the coir industry. The company today stands poised on the verge of greater growth in the new millennium, under the guidance of its management.

We are mainly concerned with the production of Erosion control blankets, Woven geotextiles ,Coco peat, Waterlog, Coir sheets, Coir pots, Coir Brushes, Coir Disk, Grow poles and supply of coir fibre for the use in commercial substrate mixtures as well as industrial purposes

Noramix Group is registered with the Export Development Board, The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, Sri Lanka port Authority and the Coconut Development Authority.